Fuck it, I'm done.
We all die sooner or later. Some sooner than later.
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I hate school because it’s that time of the year where you realize you aren’t just ugly, you’re also stupid.

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Today I had a teacher tell me that a family member of theirs attempted suicide with pills.
I asked why he didn’t seem more concerned, and he replied with “people who attempt overdose are just attention seeking.”

Tell that to my grandma while she had to shower me for a month because I couldn’t stand after my overdose.

Tell that to my younger cousin who didn’t understand why I slept for three days straight.

Tell that to my bestfriend who saw me cry in every moment I was awake for two weeks after I swallowed those little pieces of hell.

Tell that to my brother who watched me vomit up everything I ate because my stomach was on fire.

Tell that to my teachers who watched me fail my exams because I was so dizzy and out of it I couldn’t stand, let alone concentrate.

Tell that to my mum, who watched me violently shake, sweat, convulse and cry in her arms because I didn’t want to be alive.

Go on, tell them it’s attention seeking. I dare you.

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this is very important

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I hope you fall in love with someone who never lets you fall asleep thinking you’re unwanted.

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Sometimes it scares me how much I think about going out for a walk and never coming home. How willing I am to leave everything I have and everyone I know.

I love you so much, I hope you realize that. I hope you realize everything you’ve done for me and that you’re the reason I’ve made it this far. I hope it hits you one day that for me, best friend, means everything. You are loved , you are appreciated, because no matter what happens, and no matter where life takes us, I’ll always love you

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